Mercedes EQS review

Mercedes EQS Review

Move Electric verdict Four and a Half stars out of five

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The Mercedes-EQS luxury saloon is packed with technology and is fantastic to drive. It also boasts a huge battery that will banish range anxiety.

Wow! Wow!
Mercedes has used its flagship S-Class saloon often to show off cutting-edge technology that will eventually be available in more affordable models. The EQS (or the EQS450+, to give the car its full title), is exactly what the German firm is doing, except this time it’s the EV technology it’s showcasing. It’s designed to showcase the brand’s latest battery powered developments and is packed with advanced features that will leave you wide-eyed, giggling every single time you use them.

It looks fantastic with a futuristic design that makes other premium brands like Tesla look a bit old-fashioned. The car is also as comfortable and luxurious as you would expect from a Mercedes of this level, with a claimed range of 453 mi on a single charge.

Sorry, this could be a long process. But give me the highlights
So where do we begin? Although we’ve already touched on the look, it’s clear that the low-slung, swoopy EQS is very striking. This is enhanced by the doors that open automatically when they detect your approach. How cool is that? It’s even more amazing when you slide into the driver seat and press the brake pedal. The door will close behind you. This car was not built in a barn ….

The optional Hyperscreen dash will make it difficult to keep your mouth shut. This TFT screen is almost a metre wide, although there are three. It’s intimidating and captivating at the same moment, giving you the feeling of being in control of the Millenium Falcon.

It’s intuitive and easy to use. There’s also no denying the satisfaction of knowing that Tesla Model S owners who are tech-savvy will be green with envy when they see the Merc’s massive screens.

It also drives very well. It drives well, too. The EQS measures 5.2m long and is not small, but it has trick four-wheel steering that makes it feel more agile than any other car this size. It can maneuver through corners like an even smaller car.

It’s also a Mercedes-Benz top-of the-range Mercedes, so it can glide along in great comfort. The EQS can adjust its air suspension to suit our mood and the road, and it simply crushes potholes and bumps. The combination of the very well-insulated interior and the quiet electric motors creates the impression that the EQS is a library on wheels. It is unlike any other car that can lower your heart rate and soothe your soul.

Yes, there is the range. The range, did we mention? We did? It’s worth noting again that the EQS can travel up to 453 miles on a full charge, which is a league ahead of the rest.

Wait, what? It’s a huge number. I need to see the rest.
That’s an impressive number, and you’re correct. The EQS is actually more efficient than most rivals at 453 miles, with a distance of 100 miles. Even the Tesla Model S Long Distance can travel only 405 miles. The Porsche Taycan, which is the most efficient Porsche Taycan, will not be able to cross the 300-mile barrier.

Although you may not be able match Mercedes’ bold claim in real-world use, you can expect to drive at least 400 miles between charges even in difficult conditions. If you experience range anxiety while driving this car, it is likely that you are the type of person who gets anxious just getting out of the house.

The Mercedes’ aerodynamic, slippery shape allows it to travel far on one charge. It also has a massive 107.8kWh battery that is currently the largest. While more power is good for stamina, longer charging times are also a plus. Mercedes thought of this, however. The EQS can charge at 200kW. This means that if you find a DC-CCS rapid charger that can deliver electricity at this speed, you can get to 80 percent in just half an hour.

However, plugging in a 7kW will take a bit longer. Even if you have a late night and a long sleep the next morning, it’s unlikely that you can call the 15-and-a-half hours needed to recharge the lithium ion batteries an ‘overnight charger’. Despite the impressive battery range, it is unlikely that you will ever run out of energy, so charge times are likely to be shorter.

These numbers aren’t all that impressive, as the Mercedes is never stuck on the road. Despite being a rather small car at 2480kg, the EQS is powered by a rear-mounted motor of 325bhp that propels the rear wheels. This will take you from standstill up to 62mph in 6.2 seconds. It’s fast enough to make even the most experienced owners of internal combustion-engined sports cars wonder which way they went.

Isn’t this Mercedes meant to be luxurious?
They are, and so is the EQS. There are many hi-tech touches like screens and multi-coloured ambient lighting (there is 64 to choose from), but the Mercedes also has traditional limousine touches that make it feel superior.

The supremely supportive seat covers are made of soft leather. There is a wide range of high-quality materials available for trim inserts. These include cool metals and richly coloured woods. It’s exactly what you would expect from a private member club, 50 years in the future.
It comes with all the latest gadgets, including brand’s top-of-the line safety aids. The adaptive cruise control will help you steer and maintain a safe distance from the car in front.

The EQS is a space-saving option that will not disappoint if you value space. The Rear Luxury Lounge Pack adds extra space for those in the back. It also includes a heated and cooled rear lounge pack that allows you to recline and has a massage function. It might be difficult to get passengers out of the car at the end if you have this little bit.

The EQS is a large hatchback, which makes it practical and a departure from the traditional saloon layout. The large boot is 610 litres and can be extended to 1770 litres if the rear seats are folded down. It is unlikely that anyone would use this car to transport furniture or to run to the recycling center, but it does have the potential to do so.

It all sounds too good to true. But here’s the thing:
Although it’s an amazing piece of kit, you are correct to say that the Mercedes isn’t perfect. The EQS isn’t cheap to buy. Its entry-level car costs less than PS100,000. And the flagship Exclusive Luxury comes in at a whopping PS14,000 more. Although this is not a car that anyone would expect to pay a bargain basement, the prices are quite high.

You’ll also be enticed to tick a few extra boxes. How much? The Hyperscreen setup will set you back a staggering PS8000. Add the massaging and recliner rear seats for another PS3500. These are not the only extras you need.

It’s important to avoid the larger 21-inch and 22-inch wheels. They add a bumpy ride that can disrupt the otherwise smooth progress of the EQS.

I still reach for my cheque book.
The Tesla Model S is a luxury car at the high end. It’s also the fastest and most comparable to the EQS. It’s still not as enjoyable to drive and the styling isn’t nearly as striking as the Mercedes.

There’s also the Porsche Taycan. It is, in all forms, more fun than the Mercedes. However, the 751bhp Turbo S version is much, far faster. It has a limited range of 300 miles, which is a problem. Similar story as the e-tron GT. It is more affordable, but its interior is less luxurious.

Although it is very costly, the EQS is in many ways worth every penny. It’s beautiful and has an exquisite interior. It’s also very easy to drive and extremely comfortable. It also has a hugely impressive range, so you won’t ever forget your old luxury saloon powered by fossil fuels.

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