15 Best Catania Tours

Catania, located along the west-central coast of the Ionian Sea is the 2nd biggest city on the Italian island Sicily.

Catania has a population close to 300,000. It is best-known for its multiple destructions by natural disasters such as earthquakes or an eruption from Mount Etna.

This coastal town is popular with beach lovers from across the continent. It is a popular winter getaway spot due to its mild year-round climate.

Here are 15 top Catania tours.

1. Catania Street Food Tour

Catania Street Food

Street food is a great way to immerse yourself in culture quickly.

Catania’s vibrant food scene has many faces and incorporates international, traditional and contemporary influences.

The three-hour tour, which takes place mid-morning, includes the services a local guide who will give guests unique insight into the city’s history, food, and culture while also visiting key attractions such as the Piazza duomo, the port and the markets where most residents do their daily shopping.

There will be plenty of sample options along the route, including cheese, pastry, and delicious meatballs that have been grilled on white coals.

2. 4-Hour Boat Tour with Snorkeling

Isola dei Ciclopi

Catania’s volcanic coastline is rich in impressive rock formations and abundant wildlife. It also has clear, pristine water, making it ideal for snorkeling.

This four-hour snorkeling tour will take guests to two of the most important natural areas in the area, La Timpa Natural Reserve (and the Marine Protected Area Isola dei Ciclopi).

After receiving a briefing from an experienced guide, guests will get ready to go and explore the amazing underwater world.

You will often see many fish in the lava flows such as colorful grouper, sponges and even octopus.

All expenses except for personal expenses are included.

3. Catania like a Local–Customized Private Walking Tour


It is the fastest and most enjoyable way to learn about foreign cultures than any other.

Participants will enjoy a private, customizable walking tour that allows them to explore the city with their guide, learn about its history, and get familiar with its geographic layout.

Because tours are smaller in size, they offer more personal and memorable experiences. They may last between two and six hours depending on guests’ interests, preferences, schedules, and other factors.

Site entry fees, transportation and food and drink are not included. So bring some extra cash.

4. Alcantara River Jumping Experience

Alcantara River

The stunning volcanic rock formations surrounding the Alcantara River are remarkable and have amazing geometric shapes.

After being picked up at their Catania hotel, guests will be taken to one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the region, where they will hike, swim and cliff jump down into the river below.

Many guests are novices so the jumps begin small and progress slowly. However, everyone is encouraged to only participate in the ones that they feel comfortable with.

The tours last 6 hours and depart Catania in the morning. They require moderate physical fitness.

5. Traditional Home Cooking Experience

Traditional Home Cooking

Although it is not possible to learn how to cook like a Sicilian grandmother in just a few hours, this three-hour experience with traditional home cooking is a great start.

It’s a Catania tour that focuses on food and cultural immersion. The instructor hosts it in his centrally located home.

The host will teach guests about Sicilian culture and traditional Sicilian food. They will prepare a four-course meal with fresh seafood, local produce, wine, and the help of their host.

These tours are available in the early morning or the evening, and are often the highlight of visitors’ vacations.

6. Half-Day Buggy Tour to Mount Etna Volcano

Mount Etna

Motorized buggies are great ways to get up-close-and-personal with Catania’s attractions.

This four-hour tour will give guests a crash course in how to use their machine, before they head off with their guide to Nicolosi and Pedara, just a stones throw from Mount Etna.

The terrain leading to the volcano includes craters, crevices and quarries, which highlight the buggy’s off-road abilities.

Before you continue to attractions such as Valley del Bove or Mount Zoccolaro, a mid-tour coffee break can be a welcomed stop.

Buggy tours are not suitable for elderly and pregnant women.

7. Mount Etna Sunset Tour starting from Catania

Mount Etna Sunset

The sunsets from Mount Etna are breathtaking, provided there isn’t an unexpected eruption.

After meeting their guide at the central location of the afternoon, guests will travel to the southeast side of the mountain, which features an extraordinary landscape with ash fields and lava flows as well as fascinating rock formations.

It is moderately strenuous to hike up to the vista point. As the sun sets, guests can enjoy Sicilian street food as well as local wine.

Each guest is provided with a helmet and flashlight, as well as sturdy trekking shoes upon request.

8. Isole dei Ciclopi Snorkeling Trip


Aci Castello, a small island just a short drive away from Catania is one of the most popular watersports destinations. Its clear water, easy access dive spots and wide variety of marine life make it incredibly accessible.

After being fitted with snorkels, masks, and swim fins the eager swimmers can take to the sea with their marine guide.

The stunning coastal landscape is full of dramatic lava flows, caves, basalt columns and incredible lava flows. It is possible to relax on the deck or to go diving depending on your swimming abilities.

9. Three of the Best Etna Wineries Private Tours with Tasting

Etna Wineries

There are many wineries around Catania that are well-known, but this tour will focus on three of them that consistently rank among the top.

The tours last six to seven hours and include tastings at every stop. Guests will then have had the opportunity to taste a dozen organic wines made locally.

Participants will learn all about the wine culture of the region, how grapes are grown, and how they’re made into wine.

You can expect to enjoy spectacular views of Mount Etna, the Sicilian countryside and traditional food, specially paired with the wine. Also, you will learn about the history and culture of the region.

10. Tour with Inspector Montalbano & Sicilian Food Combo

Palazzo Polara

The Inspector Montalbano TV series, based on Andrea Camilleri’s novels, was primarily shot in Catania.

This combination of Inspector Montalbano’s food tours is great for fans of both television and books.

Tour groups can only accommodate eight people and include transportation in executive class air-conditioned vehicles.

Multilingual guides and box lunches are included in all tours. Guests will also see landmarks such as the Palazzo Polara and Church of San Giorgio, both of which were featured in the show.

11. Evening City Secrets and Aperitif Tour

Biscari Palace

What could be more intriguing and captivating than uncovering historical secrets while enjoying an aperitif in a Sicilian city such as Catania?

This three-hour guided tour will take guests to Catania’s oldest secrets. It also includes a visit to a number of iconic attractions such as the Elephant Fountain, Biscari Palace and the Benedictine Monastery of Saint Nicolo. The site of Catania’s original acropolis is where the tour begins.

The tour features a mix of well-known attractions and lesser-known ones. Previous guests have enjoyed it.

Evening tours conclude with street food, conversation, and a traditional beverage.

12. Private Walking Tours and Arancini Tasting


Walking tours are a great way to get involved with the local community and see things from a different perspective than those who travel by bus.

The private Catania walking tour with Arancini tasting starts at the city’s seafood market or pescheria, which is one of the largest in the country.

Other highlights include Ursino Castle and Via Etnea. Elephant Fountain is another highlight. The city’s cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Before calling it quits, guests can also try a variety local arancini filled with delicious fillings.

13. Bronte Gran Pistachio Tour and Olive Oil Farm Tour

pistachio farm

Bronte is home to one of Europe’s most renowned pistachio-growing areas. It is known for its delicious cuisine, but it also has narrow, ancient streets and a lot of interesting history.

The tour begins with a guided tour through a pistachio farm. Guests will learn how the nuts are grown, processed and distributed throughout the world.

You will have time to explore the area before you head to the mill that makes the most sought-after extra virgin olive oil in the region.

You get everything, including a traditional country-style lunch and wine along with round-trip transportation.

14. Orange Plantation and Wine Tasting Private tour with Lunch

Orange Plantation

Catania is home to diverse agricultural areas, which are dominated by olives, oranges and pistachios.

The private tour lasts four hours and departs from Catania in the morning. It includes visits to a citrus farm, where guests can meet the staff and explore the fields.

A visit to a winery is another highlight of the tour. This includes an overview on how grapes are turned into wine, from harvest to fermentation to bottling and distribution.

Before participants return to Catania, they will be offered a variety of wine samples as well as a traditional Sicilian meal.

15. Cyclops Riviera Guided Trip

Cyclops Riviera

Catania’s coast is filled with stunning views, picturesque villages, ancient stone fortresses and large swathes of citrus groves. These make for great photo opportunities.

After meeting at a central spot, guests will travel to the Cyclops Riviera, and finally, Aci Trezza, a historic fishing village.

Begin your journey with your guide to learn more about the area’s culture, history, and economy. After that, you’ll be heading to the Marine Protected Area surrounding the Island of Cyclops. This protected area is rich in myths and legends.

The tours last approximately four and a quarter hours and include transportation from Catania. They are offered twice daily.

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